What We Clean

JTD UNDER PRESSURE is a complete pressure washing company. We clean residential and commercial buildings, exterior of homes, businesses, storefronts, sidewalks, driveways and plazas.

JTD uses state of the art equipment, tandem axle,  HOT water heated fully self contained (water, power) units.

Using heat cleans much more efficiently, plus uses less water. The heat
emulsifies the dirt, moss, grime etc. Also using heat allows JTD to use less pressure which will prevent etching of the concrete or painted areas as opposed to small cold water units.

JTD Cleans GUTTERS, flushes down spouts and makes sure water flows to the street.

We also specialize in pressure washing/steam cleaning of fleets i.e. large trucks, vans etc.

We vacuum all runoff water for proper disposal.

JTD can pressure wash pretty much anything that needs to be cleaned!

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