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JTD stands for JUST THE DETAILS, A statement of how we do business!

JTD UNDER PRESSURE is a full service pressure washing company. We have been pressure washing for over 25 years. JTD has evolved with the continuing changes for the environment and is one of the few Bay Area companies that was practicing “safe water runoff practices” since the late 1980’s, All the while JTD¬† made it possible to help local business’s continue to have quality pressure washing services performed while complying with local, State, and County regulations. This is why we are still here.

JTD Under Pressure helped in the training videos for BASMAA, (Bay Area Storm Water Management Agencies) for proper storm drain runoff techniques.

JTD was a green company well before it became the buzz word of the last 5 years. JTD realizes that while proper containment of runoff water is important for our environment, it is also a reality for industry to continue to coexist with tightened regulations to businesses.

We take the worry away by doing the job right!